Automated Valuation Reports are no longer available from Terranet. Please visit to purchase an alternative report.

About Terranet

Terranet is an internet-based land and property information service from CoreLogic NZ Ltd. It is the ultimate source of fast and accurate property information, property reports and legal documents for 1.8 million New Zealand properties.

Terranet is used extensively by major banks, finance companies, real estate agents, lawyers, local and central government and a variety of other sectors. Terranet also provides accurate, up-to-date land and property information to the public. This can be used to research a property’s particulars, and help users to make informed decisions on buying or selling property in New Zealand.

With Terranet, you can gain instant access to comprehensive, up-to-date legal property information without any set up costs, and you only need to pay for the reports that you receive.

It’s all about Property!

Find out who owns a property, the price it last sold for, what other properties in the area are selling for, and the property’s Rateable Value (RV), previously known as Government Valuation (GV) - all at the click of a button! Terranet also provides high-resolution aerial images of properties, showing the property boundaries overlaid on the aerial image.

Terranet’s dynamic search tools enable you to search by title reference, street address, owner name, valuation reference, or legal description, to quickly locate the specified property.

You can instantly view and purchase reports on ownership, sales and valuation, check what restrictions are registered against a property, and order legal documents such as Certificates of Title. Our legal document ordering service can have these legal documents sent to you in as little as 30 minutes during business hours.

Property decisions are made simpler and faster by providing you with a comprehensive range of straightforward, useful, and easy to understand property reports and legal documents.

Value my property now!

Terranet’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM), within the Home Valuer Report, automatically generates an estimated current market value on any residential property in New Zealand.

Using the latest technology and predictive modelling techniques, along with CoreLogic’s unique property data and industry expertise, the Home Valuer Report will estimate your residential property’s current market value at the click of a button.

The Home Valuer Report uses unique algorithms to reference multiple property criteria (such as local comparable property sales, land and floor area, building type, and an array of other criteria), to give you the latest estimate on the value of your residential property.

What does it cost me to join?

Register for free and only pay for the information that you receive. There are two account options; Pay-as-you-go or as a Corporate User – for more information click here.

About CoreLogic NZ Ltd.

CoreLogic NZ Ltd. is New Zealand’s most trusted provider of comprehensive and up-to-date land and property information. We partner with New Zealand’s Emergency Services and leading utility and telecommunications companies, major corporates, real estate firms, and government agencies to provide reliable data and location information that their business can depend on.

At the core of our business are spatial databases that contain layers of information about every parcel of land in New Zealand. These layers of information contain a combination of over 100 sources of information, making ours the most comprehensive databases available.

We have a team of experts whose mission is to provide our customers with the most, complete, timely and accurate property data - delivered how, when and where they want it.

A key focus for CoreLogic is delivering trusted data via smart, innovative and reliable products, such as Terranet, that make decisions easier for our customers.


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