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Frequently Asked Questions - General

How do I use this site?

  1. Start entering an address in the search box on the home page. A list of matching properties will be shown for you to select from.
  2. Use the address and images to confirm that you’ve found the correct property.
  3. Start adding reports and legal documents to your basket.
  4. Review your order and go to the checkout. You will need to sign in by this stage.

Corporate Users - you can purchase reports directly without the use of shopping basket or checkout.

I can’t access some of the search functions

You need to log into your Terranet account in order to perform searches other than address searches.

Why does it say my login was unsuccessful?

Your Terranet password is case sensitive. If that is not the problem, then either reset your password, or call our Customer Service Centre on 0508 483 772.

Why can't I find the address I’m looking for?

There are various reasons why you may not find a particular address.

  • An address may have a different number to the number you expect, or no number at all. Try typing the road name without a number and see if it appears in the list of results.
  • Check that you’ve entered the correct spelling.
  • Check if the address is known by another name. The official name may differ to the name the road is locally known as.
  • The suburb details may be different to what you expect. Just type the first part of the address and see if it appears in the suggestions.

Why does nothing appear as I type in the search box?

There are 2 common reasons:

  1. Check that the search box doesn’t have any unexpected characters in it. These can prevent any match being found. Use the red x to clear the search input and try again.
  2. JavaScript needs to be enabled in your web browser. Check by try typing "10 Queen Street" (or another common address). If you see a list of matching addresses then JavaScript is enabled. Check with your computer support personnel if you need help to enable JavaScript.

What do I do if I need more help?

If you need any additional assistance, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0508-483 772 or to send us an email, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Reports

How do I verify ownership of a property?

The most common ways to verify the owner of a property are to buy:

  • A Title Report that will show the current owner(s), of a property. For more information on the Title Report, click here.
  • Order a Certificate of Title - For more information on ordering titles, click here.

Why doesn’t a property have a valuation or sales history?

The most common reasons for this are:

  • The property may be public land, and have no current valuation data. Check the property report or the cadastral for information about public land.
  • The property may have been subdivided, and your search has shown you the original property. This is common when searching by old titles.
  • There may have been a problem matching the property to a valuation reference. Try searching for the property differently, such as by the owner's name, title, or street address. Please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0508-483 772 or via email to report this problem; they may be able to help you find the information you want.

Why is there no title report for the property I searched?

Occasionally a property will have a title cancelled before a replacement title has been issued. This is usually found with newly subdivided properties.

Why aren't all of the reports available for my property search?

Some properties do not have enough information for all the reports we offer. These reports have been made unavailable to prevent you buying an empty report.

What should I do if the data in my report is incorrect?

If you find that any of the information in a report is incorrect, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0508-4-83772 or to send us an email, click here.

Why can't I view the report I purchased?

Reports purchased in Terranet are available online until midnight the following day. Please save your PDF reports if you may need to review them later.

Frequently Asked Questions - Document Ordering

How do I order a legal document?

There are 3 ways to order a legal document. These are to:

  1. Search for a property and go to the Order a Legal Document tab. In most cases you can order the document from there.
  2. Use the Manual Document Order page if you know the references you want. The references are either the title, or the document reference.
  3. Use the links within property reports to order documents. Clicking on the link will automatically enter the details into the Manual Document Order page.

What do I do if I receive the wrong document?

There are 2 reasons why you may have received a wrong document.

  1. The order was processed with an incorrect document number or document type. Please check your order and, if necessary, reorder with the correct details.
  2. The wrong document was delivered. In these instances please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0508-4-83772 or to send us an email, click here.

I have a problem with my order. What can I do?

Contact the Terranet Customer Service Centre either on 0508-4-83772 or by email, click here.

How do I check the status of my order?

The ‘My Account’ section of the site has an option to "View my order status". This will display the status of your recent and historic orders.

Why does Terranet say my order is unsuccessful?

This can be because of an invalid reference number, or an order for a cancelled document. Contact our Customer Service Centre for more information.

Can I order documents in the evenings and weekends?

Yes, you can order documents anytime as Terranet service is available 24 hours, 7 days per week. However, your order will be processed during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Why can't I view the document I purchased?

Documents purchased in Terranet are available online for seven days. Please save your PDF documents if you may need to review them later.


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